Heresy Rising

Slaves Who Will Not Serve

In my haste to help the heretics who I have aligned myself with, we where, rather unfortunately taken by surprise by the vile xenos we where hunting. An embarrassment for sure, for one of my station to be captured so quickly, yet this has presented me with new opportunities. It seems not all of my allies where willing to come along on this journey, but the slave holds in this stinking alien vessel are crammed with hundreds of dregs, pirates and scum of the worse kind.
I can hear preaching from the other end of the cells, a litany to the true powers. There is one here who shares the faith other then myself and the comrades who joined me.
No doubt we are expected to be pawns in the games and vile pleasures of these craven xenos. Their hubris will be their undoing, this I swear. Our imprisonment will only bring us closer to our goal, and when we have taken the prize from their dead archon’s hands, then I shall reap a terrible vengeance upon their city that even their cruel twisted mines will shutter when it is remembered.

End of Transmission

It has been 3 days now since my capture. These eldar are indeed as I expected them to be. They goad me into arenas to have me fight creatures of nightmare or even their own warriors. Thus far, they have all fallen. Our keeper, a wych of the arenas known as Angelique seems interested in our plight. She is even helping us to escape. It seems she has no love for the lords of this city. In my cell I have met another of the faithful, a young girl who worships the dark prince in such a manner her own body has shaped itself to resemble his holy handmaidens. Curious that in loosing some of my companions I have gained others. The master of the fates, all knowing in his ways has guided me to this, I am sure of it.
Now approaches our final tests. We will be lauded as champions of this cities death games, or die in its dark underworld. When we have pleased the crowed, then we shall strike. We shall take our freedom and slip away like shadows. My new companions, the eldar Angelique and the worshiper of the gods who i met in the cells; Ravion are with me. As is the Faith, the fallen sister whom I met months ago in the sanctum of lies. Our little daredevil of Slaanesh, the mortal who calls herself Mel has given a startling performance and survived a high speed death race in the reaver circuits above us. She is now with us, and with our combined will, this city will hold us no more!

Holo log of Apostle Corvis, Entry: 2.0



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