Dark Eldar slavetaker, and keeper of the party



WS: 55
BS: 25
Strength: 40
Toughness: 30
Agility: 60 (+6 unnatural)
Intelligence: 35
Perception: 50
Willpower: 30
Fellowship: 35


Awareness +10
Chem use / medicae
Common lore: Dark Eldar
Dodge +10
Pilot (personal) +10
Silent move / stealth
Speak Language: Dark Eldar
Speak Language: Eldar
Speak Language: Low Gothic
Tracking / Survival

Talents and Traits

Heightened Senses [Sight, Hearing]
Dark Sight
Dark Soul
Power through pain

Disturbing Voice
Hard Target
Melee weapon Training: Universal
Thrown Weapon Training: Universal
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Mindphase Gauntlet
Quick Draw
Resistance: Fear


Best Quality Wychknife
Best Quality Shardnet
Best Quality Mindphase Gauntlet
Wych Suit
Kill Recorder
2 Eldar Plasma Grenades
3 Doses Murder’s Boon
Best Quality Hellglaive
Best Quality skyboard

Case of Drugs for Faith (eviscerine, corpe ombulen, murder’s boon, accelerati)

Derived Stats

Armor: 2(All), (+2 if on skyboard)
Wounds: 12
Corruption: 10
Infamy: 53

Total XP



Overall ideas

Angelique is a Dark eldar Wych with a taste for the exquisite. Beyond the basic dark eldar desire for sensation, she has a drive for understanding and mastering the unknown. She takes joy in her mastery of desire and motivation, both physical and mental.

Her goals with traveling with t the party include the opportunity to catch and slave unique and exciting… pets (be they sentient or otherwise) and explore their ways of thought and action.

Character relations

In particular, she has taken up something of a fixation with Faith – she is intrigued by her talent for devastation, and her utter disregard for her own attractiveness. Angelique believes that if Faith could be trained to make use of the talents she is currently wasting, she could be a worthy companion. To this end, she has given time and attention to Faith while in the arenas, and making an effort to provide Faith with the combat stimulants she has taken such an affinity to.

Her feelings on combat stimulants: they are useful to have as a fall-back, but she doesn’t want to use them as a primary plan, since that denies the “surprise” of an extra power boost. However, she doesn’t’ see a problem with facilitating this dependence in others.

She is a bit confused by the tastes of Mel, the slaneshi – She almost seems to have no taste. For a race where sensation is as essential as food to life, Mel’s lack of discrimination feels as inelegant as someone stuffing their mouth with every edible thing to cross their path.

Angelique would prefer to think of herself as a gourmet of sensation, choosing and pursuing sensation which is exotic or unique, instead of fouling her palate with unplanned wastes.


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