• Angelique


    Dark Eldar slavetaker, and keeper of the party
  • Ariana (retired)

    Ariana (retired)

    An Insane Psyker who loves all things in excess (retired)
  • Corvis


    Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers.
  • Faith


    Fallen Sister Repentia, currently in thrall to the Blood God Khorne
  • Lathros (K.I.A.)

    Lathros (K.I.A.)

    Tzeentch Aligned Sorceror of chaos,Who fell after being possessed by a Bloodthirster of Khorne.
  • Ravion


    The slightly insane Nurgle apostate.
  • Subject 48 (retired)

    Subject 48 (retired)

    Pre-Heresy Adeptes Astartes of unknown legion turned experment turned Traitor
  • Agathion, Incubus Champion of Blades

    Agathion, Incubus Champion of Blades

    The champion of the Incubi of the Children of Thorns and personal body gaurd of the Lady Archon
  • Alpharuis??


    A Alpha Legionare, identified as Alpharuis operating in the captiol hive of Scintilla
  • Black Wind

    Black Wind

    Daemonic possessed Chaos Repulsive Class Cruiser tasked with "recruiting" soldiers for the coming Crusade
  • Botchulaz


    Great Unclean One, summoned during the conflict of Scintilla, banished back to his prison after being hit by a battery of Earthshaker cannons.
  • Halo


    Bounty Hunter for hire on the Hive world of Scintilla, currently contracted to the Alpha legion.
  • Heart Slayer

    Heart Slayer

    Keeper of Secrets, Summoned on the capitol world of Scintilla, last seen fighting the Lord Commander of the Cadian defense forces.
  • Ing Mi Sing

    Ing Mi Sing

    Callidus Assassin of the Ordo Maleus
  • Lady Archon Lucidique

    Lady Archon Lucidique

    Dark Eldar Archon and noble of the Children of Thorns
  • Rabaluis "Black Fist"

    Rabaluis "Black Fist"

    Traitor space marine of the Imperial Fists. Now serving as the Lord General to the Black Wind possessed cruiser
  • Sensati Extremis, Demetrius

    Sensati Extremis, Demetrius

    Dreadnaught leader and champion of the Violators Warband of Slaanesh Chaos marines
  • Sezerak, Master Haemonculus

    Sezerak, Master Haemonculus

    Master Haemonculus of the Children of Thorns.
  • World Drinker

    World Drinker

    Daemon prince of Slaanesh, accedently summoned by and now possessing the rouge Psyker Arianna