Heresy Rising

All is well that ends badly

_The personal Log of Apostle Corvis, of the Word Bearers. Myself and the Heretics now under my wing have managed what I dare say may have been believed to be impossible. Not only have we liberated the potent artifact known as the Black Cube from the hands of the vile Eldar Xenos, and managed to escape off world, we have the very Archon responsible for our enslavement held prisoner on this very ship.
_I am impressed with my new found allies abilities to pull through such strife, considering the mortality and frail bodies, most of the Space Marine allies I have encountered would have believed them incapable, yet the Gods work in mysterious ways.
Now we set forth on this great ship, to new horizons and new plans that soon will come to fruition. I feel the hand of fate and its master in the lives of these heretics and am eager to see what he has in store for them yet…



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